Second Coming

by Funeral Nation

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Resurrection 02:39
Don't believe a word they say Seeing all the signs, and the ways of our today Do you live a lie, or are you true Open up your eyes, rearrange to change Alone in my dark room, at the top of the stairs Seeking my secrets, and knowing it's where Let me hear the voices and fill the space that resides all around my soul And silence, is a question - careful how you answer truly all they have put forth By the moon - works of fire Of the sky - works of fire Lighting our - works of fire Someone is calling me Help me see just what I need and see it set me free In a world - between two worlds Generations pay for mistakes that some have made By the moon - works of fire Of the sky - works of fire Lighting our - works of fire Darkest hour of night, who stands before me smiling, as I have my way I look in visions - I can see my enemy - stalking eyes that stare me down, as if they're staring from the ground And what about your world - your laws Do they ever really satisfy the need to watch men bleed In my darkest hour, I leave this place, and I make no mistakes I've told about the old - I've spoken to the dead Nevermore will I be blessed, the changes thought within my head And the end of time it comes, I'll be the one waiting for - the change to rearrange...
You speak the words - What do you say You speak the words - Now listen to me All the prophecies about you and me Is written in blood it's all so clear to me God gives the right to the one who walks the night And people dream in unseen things Bring all the armies of the world to me Let me in - Now begin Gather at the river filled with blood you'll see That fear is now your only hope Sins redemption from your fate that you're Now face to face with death You - You're in my hands I ask of you If you're not me - Who are you? False prophet look at me I know just who you are I see the moon turned into black The salt turned into blood Unholy one you're here at last I hope you'll let me die Hear the sound of people all around Searching for lies - The truth in disguise People see - Listen to me Fix your past - No false prophecies Remembering that fatal night and all the things I said to you - Know it's true Travel back with me and you will see that fate It has a place in your heart Pain and greed and blasphemy It's how I live my life My future is so clear to me My past so full of lies Your book that says to live in fear And you shall reap the Earth But all those prophecies are false So what's it really worth
Deceiver 04:41
Come forth, enter through my gates Darkness is power, patiently awaits To set you free, fall to your knees Endure the pain, do as I please Shadows arise in the night See the flash across the sky Hear the screams of the suffering Losing faith and the will to live Feel the presence of death What's your loss becomes my gain Believing you'll find the truth But all you'll find is all my pain You lied to me for too long I read your words - I heard your song You think you know what's best for me But no more will you deceive Can't escape the past - This is not a trial I am here to set you free - Believe Witnessed all the facts This is what it comes to be - In my mind reality Come with me - stand by me Fill your veins with some of me - sinner Full of hate - full of sin Come with people now begin your lives Raining death from the sky And you know the reason why It's the beginning - we will mold a prophecy And the way it is to be forever Listen to what I have to say Do not turn your head away - deceiver You will be the chosen one But you're not the only one - so DIE
See'r 03:32
Should you live a lie or should you die Should you look up to the sky or down below Should you speak the words that shouldn't be spoken Or sit and wait and let your future unfold I have listened to your lies and laughed I have seen through your disguise...I'm laughing All these things I do I do for me So don't preach to me just let me be alone All seen is believed in me There's no judgment passed on me I got no need to be received No change, no brain disease And who wrote your book of lies What's to pain and what's the prize Do you live for light of day Cause if you do you'll die today God... War Peace... Sin Win... Change Do... Life Love... Hate Laugh... Cry Can... You Live... Lie
All the words are innocent All those thoughts are false Peace declare a holy war And all hope is lost In the sky I see a light I see fear upon a cross Below him see the screaming fools Above his father's gone Father, why hast thou forsaken me this time I need to know the answer Before I finally die Nazarene, there is no one Why must you be so blind This is the way that I see things Through the eyes of Jesus Christ Truth is compassion, this vision can not be And my eyes have seen the lies And I know what it is Creation is a falsehood, it can never be Die in hell, my prophecy, and you'll live eternally Nazarene, you'll feel the triumph of hell And fear my lasting breath until you die Love destroys all life, so let it be You were put on Earth to parish The eyes of Christ can see The pain that is in store Feel all that he felt so many years ago Look into the eyes of mighty Jesus Christ Conjure up the pain you felt so long ago The wings of love are frayed.. no flight No peace... no truth No one to say who's wrong or right The fears.. the emotions All the pain that I control The tears of God.. his pain will soon unfold Wander aimlessly, take my guiding hand Walk with me... you wil find I am but a friend Look into the night.. see my father's eyes Beware the light of day The holy eyes of Jesus Christ
Spirits form, hear my voice Will you comfort the Earth Now make your choice I move myself in power No one can stop me now Continually I'll break new ground But never break my vow As evil flows all through my blood And I'll give it all to you Show me all your power And all that you can do All these things that seem to me Are take...offs of reality Death to me is the thing That is truly real Evil is my only friend Good can never reign again Feeble thoughts of happiness They will never be Love can't take what's dear to me Visions of hypocrisy Compassion of a human race That will surely die Take the time to look around Your world inside is falling down Deny love and happiness And then you'll follow me I'll serve the only one That serves me like I serve myself Upon these words I speak to you Put the lord upon a shelf The mighty light prevails on you Can it overturn the dark The fear of losing everything Will make you change your way I have come... I've seen the sign Now come with me... you'll die tonight Guard of fire unsheathe your sword And let me see the evil way Take me to my final home And prepare me for judgment day All the good is taunting me So save me before it's too late Forgiveness, love, and happiness Are all the things I've grown to hate Brightness must end... It cannot be won Engulfed in sin... show me the way Forget your life... beware the night Heed all the words... give me your soul You've heard my way... you've seen the sign You took the vow... now you are mine
Look into my dreams and tell me.. what do you find Broken glass... faded dreams... of a shattered life You left me oh, so long ago, now what becomes of me A statue now reminds me, of all that's dear to me Look into the painted glass, I gaze upon my knees I try to find the only way to end my misery There's no one here to help me, now what becomes of me Behind the stone, I hear a voice, and now who can it be Don't be... afraid I'm here to help you Don't fear... I bring you no harm Take my... hand and we'll walk now Hurry now... for I fear the storm Thunder... begins to break the silence Lightning... blinding the dark The tears... roll out of her eyes now I fear... for what is in store Waking from a sleep I know that this not a dream Behind the door I hear a voice, and she begins to speak I see... the pain that she feels... and then, I see her cry I don't... know all the reasons... Why she...had to die The glass... it begins to crack now... and then... she fades away Her final... words were to me is "I will return here one day" Waking once again I wonder... is this happening The broken glass around my bed... and dirt around my feet Looking through the window... she's waving back at me A vision of the little one... that meant so much to me
Flowers now decay... the end draws ever near Sorrow eases happiness... but I will shed no tear Fear will rape compassion... doubt will swallow truth I lift my eyes to heaven... and laugh at holy fools Take me to the place I've seen... so many years ago On bending knees I pray to thee... at the base of hatred's throne I scream my needs and bed for want... unto a burning sky Satan grant me just one wish... and let that be to die Eclipse the light of day... gather strength from the night Take your fear emotions reversed... and end this thing called light Now I will pose a question... answer me if you can Who will you choose to guide you... into the holy land Choose wise, foolish mortal... your life it will depend There's no one here to help you... your life is at its end Sit with me and gaze upon... the final setting sun The human race as we al know it... is finally done Reality of things to care are seen... right through my eyes Helpless bastard, Christian one... it's time for you to die Gaze upon the blackened night... and see the dark moon rise The days begun it's time for us... to bring the legions up You've made your choice... you raised the test You've determined now your fate... you've seen the way You know the lie... of the benediction of faith
Apocalypse 08:00
Screaming up from hell, the voices call to you What's lurking deep inside what's tearing at your womb Pristine bitch of God, this could never happen to you But guess again, the demon's seed, has been planted in your womb Just a matter of time, before the seed begins to spawn And hell shall open up again, and bring forth heaven's fall Hooded men that stalk the night, bring you in from the rain Who are they, what do they want... and which god do they serve Locked inside the pristine cell, you begin to feel the pain The feelings of your own birth, are happening again A shadow forms upon the wall, and screaming fills the room The dark is falling all around, now what will you do Evil now surrounds you, now what have you done You're the one that's given birth, to his unholy son My God what have you done, and now what will you do The revelations at hand, and it's all because of you Now rise, bring forth the end Now rise, so we may reign again My fate, is resting in your hands My life, will now begin again Angels descend from the sky... Demons ascending from their cell Rise up and lead us to fight... Victorious we'll return to hell Faith, your religion, what has it done You'll fall to me, oh holy one Curse, all the love, that you bestow Hate can not lose, to one so weak Hate, it prevails, love, it now fails Fear, now is mine, death... I give to you The seals break, I see the light Hell glows, in all it's glory See the sign, and see the way It's time, for judgment day Break the seals and hear the sound The word of God is all around Now you know the end of time is near You see your life before your eyes You realize it's time to die Have you been a holy little child The trumpets sound, angels surround You'll be gone before too long But will they be the ones to take you home Continually they pass you by And you don't know the reason why Your evil life runs by your eyes again Remembering the evil reign You witness your own birth again As hooded men bring you in from the rain Yes, it's true, the marks on you And now, my prince, what will you do? The seventh sign depends on only you Give the word and I'll be gone I can defy the holy law The faith of happiness will surely fall Now I see the marks on me And now my father command me The seventh sign rest on my evil head From the north I see, hatred beckons me From the south I hear, people scream in fear No, I can not fail, creator hear me now For you made me too, I am just like you Now you want a war, now forever more Seek and you will find, all of this is mine Thunder I hear, the sky will fall The Earth is mine, famines my call I plague the Earth, with my own birth I know it's me, coming from the rain Fools can not see, all that I can Fools can not see, just who I am See as i see, do as I do Fear what I am, because I AM YOU
Maniac 03:13
The voices in your head are telling you beware You hear them loud and clear but you don't even care You search down in your soul, you're sure it's not your own You know not where you're at or where you want to go Think to yourself at all the times and the end is growing closer The next you hear the killer, the killer slowly enters your head Spreading all through your body, a painful possession and death It doesn't matter what you do, your mind's not in control You say it's all in your head but it won't let go You'll be back in hell and that is where you'll dwell Confused by anger you roam the streets to kill Hiding in the shadows blinded by the steel Await your harmless victims, the ones you rape and kill The bitch approaches closer, get ready to attack Can't hide it anymore, you feel where you belong Has satanic magic, left you all alone? ' Feel this cancer growing deep inside your mind You're in control but has it left you blind Now you are the killer, strickened with death Will you strike again, it's all inside your mind Lost control forever trapped behind your eyes In your mind you play the victim trapped inside your lies Back out on the streets and why, you don't know Your mind is plagued with death, possession just won't let you go The powers they come from hell... all you need is death Lost control is Satan inside of me Raping and killing and blood is all I need Disembodied bodies lay in a pool of blood in front of me Killing spree, I feel thee, you'll see... I'm free


This album was released as a compilation album of songs that were recorded in the 90's but never reached an official release.


released December 15, 2012

Mike Pahl: Vocals/Bass
Chaz Baker: Guitars
Dean Olson: Drums


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Funeral Nation Chicago, Illinois

Funeral Nation is a thrash/black metal band that was formed in 1989, in Chicago, IL, from past members of Funeral Bitch and Abomination. The band has released a full-length album, two EPs, two compilation albums, a live album, among various demos.

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